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Author Topic: The Seazoria Dragon  (Read 3252 times)
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« on: November 19, 2008, 07:10:55 PM »

The Seazoria Dragon (remains) are between 130 to 300 feet in overall length. The average tooth size is 27 inches. The skulls are between 10 and 20 feet long with equal right and left sides. Largest teeth recovered so far are in excess of 40 inches. The Seazorias Dragons are not vertebra land dinosaurs. The Seazorias are highly evolved large scale prehistoric marine reptiles, completely new to science. Seazorias are three times the size of land dinosaurs with ten times the evolutionary development. The Seazoria appear to have been frozen alive, the remains have been completely petrified meaning the remains like the skull and the full and complete sets of teeth initially appear as very specialized individual stones. Close examination of the remains clearly shows that the specialized configurations of individual stones are formatted in the exact configuration of very highly evolved, large scale prehistoric marine reptiles down to the very finest details. The very best proof is in examining and excavating the skull matrix. The skull matrix includes the skull itself, facial and crown spikes all individual components and a full and complete set of teeth. Teeth rights, lefts, tops and bottom teeth including identical progressive replacement teeth all teeth are complex repeating biological structures. Teeth and and body spikes are five sided triangular wedges that grow in very specialized right or left handed structural formats. The teeth are white and are located in a horse shoe duck billed configuration underneath the skull. The Seazoria bodies are spiked on the top half of the body, (swimmers). Male Seazoria have very large main spikes about two thirds the size of the skull located at the top of the neck behind the skull. Females do not have a main spike instead female have a mane of specialized neck spikes. Body, facial and crown spike do not have the same level of specialization as the teeth. The teeth all individual components are created to perform specific function in exact location within the jaw. Seazoria teeth, form matches function to absolute perfection. Very important point about the preservation of Seazoria skull matrices. The skull and teeth have survived the jaw bone has not survived. The Seazoria Dragons era of prehistoric biology predates the land dinosaur era, making the Seazoria dragons the great ancestors to the land dinosaurs. Life in the Seazoria era of prehistoric biology is much larger featuring marine biology that is much larger and thousands of generation more evolved than life in the dinosaur era. The Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons are the true prehistoric sea dragons. The Seazoria Dragons discovery is one of the greatest life sciences discovery in history. A complete scientific understanding of the Seazoria dragons cycle of life could ultimately lead to a much greater understanding of how evolutionary life works possibly unlocking some of the very keys to life itself by examining the largest, most evolved forms of advanced life entities ever discovered.

Does anyone have more info on this?
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